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Additional Summary:

Yoga: getting acquainted

Every year, in September and January an introduction to Yoga is organised. In four ninety-minute lessons you will gain a clear understanding of the eight limbs of Raja Yoga. The program is light and varied and includes exercises, theory and discussion.

The aims of this course are:
Giving you some idea of what RajaYoga involves.
Getting acquainted with some of the concepts.
Recognizing that yoga may just be the thing for you.

Yoga: relaxation

The introductory programme is followed by a beginners' course in a relaxing kind of yoga. During this practical and informal 36-hour course (2 hours a week) we pay attention to posture, breathing, sensory perceptons and concentration. The exercises will provide you with physical and mental peace and quiet, which we all need so badly in modern society.
The lessons include kriyas, breathing and concentration exercises, asanas and relaxation.

Yoga: getting control (basic-education)

Every September sees the start of a one-year course of 2½ hours a week, which deals with the eight limbs of yoga: theory as well as practice. This course is intended for those willing to acquire further skills in Raja Yoga and would like to enjoy its benefits for body and mind. It is also to be regarded as the necessary basis for the teacher training course.
The course is based on:

  • 'Hatha Yoga Pradipika' by Svatmarama
  • 'First Steps to Higher Yoga' by Swami Yogesvarananda Sarasvati
  • 'Yoga Dipika' by B.K.S.Iyengar
  • 'The three Samhitas', 'the Bhagavad Gita' and 'Yoga-Sutras' by Patanjali

All relevant elements have been incorporated in a practical guide by Klaas Stuive.

Yoga: integration and teaching (teachers course)

This is a 3-year teacher training course given by yoga master Klaas Stuive MCM.

The aim of this training is to enlarge your spiritual capacities in such a way that you will be able to become a teacher of yoga yourself. As part of a group as well as individually you will be working on your own spiritual growth.

This three-year training comprises 40 lessons per year of 3 hours a week. It requires a strong motivation, perseverance and one hour of home-study a day.

The subject matter includes a short revision of the above mentioned course as well as extensive philosophical and technical theory of Raja Yoga.

Some of the subjects studied are: yamas, nyamas, asanas, pranayama, prathyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi; physical and subtle anatomy; esoteric healing.

Among the works studied are:

  • 'Yoga-Sutras by Patanjali' by I.K.Taimni
  • 'Yoga Dipika' by B.K.S. Iyengar
  • 'Bhagavad Gita', 'Hatha Yoga Pradipika' by Svatmarama
  • 'Raja Yoga' by Vivekananda
  • 'The Way To Self-Realisation' by I.K. Taimni
  • 'Science of Soul' (Atma Vynana) by SarasvatWelcome!


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